Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door (Part 29) Admiral Bobbery

Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door (Part 29) Admiral Bobbery

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Admiral Bobbery (usually just referred to as Bobbery) is a Bomb-omb who is Mario's sixth partner in The game. He is a sailor in the seven seas.  His wife Scarlette, a female Bob-omb, died of a mysterious illness prior to the events of the game.


Many years prior to the start of the game, Admiral Bobbery was infatuated with a Bob-omb named Scarlette. He loved her madly and proudly, only matched by his love of the sea. A renowned sailor, Admiral Bobbery spent most of his time traveling on the oceans, and Scarlette would patiently await his return.

One particularly icy winter, Scarlette fell ill while Admiral Bobbery was out at sea. Her condition rapidly deteriorated, and by the time Bobbery returned, she was dead. Aghast and deeply saddened, Admiral Bobbery blames himself for Scarlette's death, thinking that he could have nursed her back to health had he been there. Tormented by nightmares of Scarlette, Bobbery eventually vowed to never sail again out of guilt for his perceived failure to his beloved.

Unbeknownst to Bobbery, Scarlette gave Podley an Old letter prior to her death, telling him to give it to her beloved. Podley agreed to her last request, but found himself unable to do it when he saw how depressed Bobbery was. Nonetheless, he tried to help his old friend however he could. By Chapter 5, Admiral Bobbery appears to have settled down in Rogueport, drowning his grief in the bar.